Search for key partners
Consortium setup

On the basis of your technical inputs and needs, LCP’S Engineering will help you to find key partners for both R&D and Industrial deployment to enlarge your skills and market opportunities.

Project building

In collaboration with your team we will finalise the setup of the technical project up to the technical skeleton allowing to define the potential key partners and/or sub-contractors. On a second level, based on your and associated partners technical inputs, we will help you to write the different project proposal : Project outlines and full proposals for the 2 phase submission and directly the full proposal for the one phase one.

Project management

LCP’S Engineering will help you to manage your R&D projects acting at partner and/or coordinator level. We will consolidate technical partner inputs to finalise technical and financial reporting to be submitted to Public Authorities. We will organised the different events to support the running phase of the projects as well as the Project General Assemblies and/or hearing with Public Authorities.

Technological intelligence

Thanks to the complementary skills of our associates and technical staff we will help you to survey the new tchnical developments ongoing in your main business areas.

Strategic advise

LCP’S Engineering skills cover all the supply chain of wafer processing from Frontend to backend through facilities so we will help you to define your strategic development.

Project expertise

Thanks to your staff skill we will help you to review your projects and may support you for specific development.

Due diligence

LCP’S Engineering gets the agreement from the French Ministry of Research for technical and financial review of innovative projects allowing French companies to get tax return based on the research expenses.

On the same basis, we may help to review your technical and financial documents to be submitted to Public Authorities  whatever funding or tax return.

Conference organization

Since the creation of LCP’S Engineering, we have been organising different conferences, workshops, technical events managing both the technical and financial issues.